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Faience Longneck Vase With Reticulated Handle

Decoration attributed to Edward Lycett (1833-1910)
Faience Manufacturing Co., Greenpoint, Brooklyn, New York 1884-1887

Closely related to a long-necked vase at The Metropolitan Museum, this important example with reticulated handles bears the cipher of Faience Manufacturing Company, which made both of these gilded and enamel-glazed earthenware pieces between 1884 and 1887. Their design is attributed to its artistic director, Edward Lycett, who is known as “the pioneer of china painting in America.” The deep blue hue of the gilt-decorated sgraffito portion is generally identified with Lycett’s work and was based on the color of 18th Century French Sèvres porcelain, while its gilt-dusted sgraffito surface is, it seems, an example of so-called “Reflêt Métallique.” Adwin Atlee Barber, in the seminal work on American pottery and porcelain, credits Lycett with discover ing a method for creating this reflecting glaze seen on “ancient Persian tiling which as been so much admired….”