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Aesthetic Parcel-Gilt “Japanesque” Part Dessert Service

Gorham Mfg. Co., Providence, Rhode Island c. 1875

Premium quality American silverware in the Aesthetic “Oriental” taste is rare, and sets with distinctive, varying motifs are rarer yet. This dessert service by Gorham is an extraordinary design, with gilt highlights and exceptional bright-cuts adding brilliance and luster to the various pieces.

The set is comprised of:
• 12 dessert knives, blades brightly cut with Aesthetic designs and handles with central Japanesque cipher, dragonfly and butterfly, all in gold wash.
• 14 dessert spoons with gold wash bowls, brightly cut, handles with Oriental characters, birds and chrysanthemums.
• Pair of sugar tongs with claw grips, having Oriental characters, birds and flowers in gold wash.
• Pair of butter knives with brightly cut blades and handles featuring pagoda and tree in gilt wash.
• Pie server with brightly cut serving surface with Japanesque cipher, handle with gilt wash cipher and peacock.
• Pair of cream ladles, their handles featuring Japanesque cipher and peacock perched on a fence in gilt wash.
• Sugar sifter with gilt wash pierced bowl with scalloped edges, brightly cut handle with Japanesque cipher and peacock.
• Pair of serving spoons with gilt bowls, brightly cut handles with birds and flowers in gilt wash.
• Four salt spoons, bowls of gilt wash, handles with Japanesque characters and figures in gilt wash.
• Pair of coffee spoons with gilt bowls, handles featuring fan and dragonfly designs in gilt wash.
• Condiment ladle with gilt bowl, bird and dragonfly on handle in gilt wash.

[Sold with a present-day silver chest.]