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Pair of Tiffany Lapover Edge Master Salt Spoons

Charles Grosjean for Tiffany & Co., New York Patented 1880

Generally regarded as the most innovative of Tiffany’s flatware patterns, the Lap-Over Edge pattern was created by Charles Grosjean in 1880; however, each piece would be individually hand-decorated by etching, engraving or chasing. Occasionally, pieces were fully or partially gilded or decorated with applied or inlaid designs in contrasting metals. The ornamentation was always inspired by nature and included a great variety of plants, animals and sea life. The term “Lap-Over” applies because often the design would extend around the turned edges of the handle and continue onto the back side of the piece. Lap-Over Edge silverware is clever, witty and quite creative. Utensils have designs specifically related to their use and there is typically variety within the individual place settings, adding interest and novelty to dinner repasts.(3” long.)