In the 19th century the name Associated Artists was synonymous with the highest standard in design and craftsmanship. The founders of the firm, Louis Comfort Tiffany, Lockwood deForest, Candace Wheeler and Samuel Colman, created an aesthetic which was inspirational and novel, particularly in its incorporation of American-based materials and motifs. Besides being patronized by the most prominent families in America, Associated Artists was commissioned to redecorate the White House in 1882.

Associated Artists LLC is a gallery which continues the aesthetic tradition of its namesake and their contemporaries. The principals of Associated Artists LLC, David Scott Parker and Walter H. Buck, have assembled rare and fine examples of Furniture, Fine and Decorative Arts which they are now making available to museums and collectors.

For further information on items in this collection or to visit the Associated Artists Gallery in Southport, Connecticut, please call 203-255-2281 or email